Badly Flattened Land 2_

아주 평평한 공터 2
Badly Flattened Land 2
2016, Installation(dirt from redeveloped neighborhood), 360x820cm
Ondolbang: A room that heats the entire floor through a flue of a hypocaust when a fire is started in the fireplace. It is a heating system developed in Korea and China’s East Northern area, Mongolia, etc

Balkoni: The balcony is an external extension of an upper floor of a building in the western architecture.

Gajeongbubang: The word literally refers to the room for a housemaid. During the 1960s-70s, young women from suburban areas moved to Seoul and worked as housemaids for wealthy families. They were offered accommodations, usually staying in a side room.

Bueok: kitchen

Deureseu room: dressing room

Byeonso: it’s an old term indicating toilet or sanitation used for disposal of human urine and feces.

Gyedan: stairs

Chimsil: bedroom

Bubuchimsil: husband and wife’s bedroom

Changgo: storage

Holl: hall

Geosil: living room